YouTube Sign in Steps | 5 Easy Steps to Login YouTube Account

YouTube Sign in Steps  Login to YouTube step by step procedure

YouTube Sign in | Login YouTube Account

YouTube sign in is a one step process that provides you with your own personal YouTube page by login youtube account where you can watch videos that interest you. You can subscribe various channels that upload videos you might be interested. You will be notified when a channel that you subscribed uploads a video.

You will, however, need a Gmail account to login to YouTube. If you do not possess a Gmail account, you can create one from Once you create a Gmail account, your YouTube account is automatically created. And, you can perform YouTube sign in from

You can even own a YouTube channel and upload your videos which can be viewed by the rest of the world.

In this short article, we will help you to easily perform YouTube sign in and use the facilities provided.

How to Perform a YouTube Sign in (How to Login YouTube Account Step by Step Guide)?

Steps How to Perform a YouTube Sign in?
(Login YouTube Account Step by Step Guide)
1.Open your web browser and enter address in the address bar and press enter.
2.Once you are directed to YouTube page, click the Sign in link at the top right corner of the page. You will then be directed to Gmail sign in page.
3.Enter your username and password in the spaces provided and press Sign in. YouTube sign in
You have performed a YouTube sign in and you should be directed to your own YouTube account shortly after you sign in.
4.If you forget your username or password then click on Need help? Link just below the Sign in and perform the steps mentioned to recover your account.
5.If you do not possess a Gmail account you can create one from the link
6.You can also make your web browser remember your username and password by clicking “keep me signed in” in the YouTube sign in page. Upon doing so, you web browser will save you information so that you will not have to type in your username and password, the next time you sign in. This step is only to be performed if you are logging in from your personal computer.

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