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Yash Meaning in Hindi

Yash  Meaning in Hindi

The word “yash” is a Hindi word which basically means “Fame”. The word, which is a combination of two Sanskrit words – “yatha” and “shish” means “like that” or “the same”. It is usually used in the context of “karma” or “dharma” which means “what goes around comes around”. The concept of karma and dharma is considered to be the two main pillars of Hinduism. Yash is also a common Indian name, which means that the person was born under the influence of Yashas, a Vedic deity who is known as the “sun”.

Yash is a boy’s name which means “happiness”. Yash was one of the children of the Sun; he was a king and the first-born son of Brihaspati, the preceptor of the gods. Besides the word “yash”, the following Sanskrit words also mean “happiness”: shant, which means “peace”; shunya and shunyata, which mean “emptiness”; purna, which means “fullness”; and shanti, which means “peace”.

Yash Meaning in Hindi is: Keerti, Naam, Khyati, Prasiddhi,

Yash Meaning in English is ‘Fame’.

Historical Yash Meaning in Hindi

Shri Yash is a male name of Hindi origin, the name of a king from the Puranas. He was the son of King Shantanu and the father of Shri Krishna. He was a king of the Puru dynasty. He is said to have ruled Hastinapur. The word Yash means “The best, most beautiful, most capable, most skilful, most effeicient”.

FAQ Related to Yash Meaning in Hindi

Q. Yash ka hindi meaning kya hota hai?

Yash ka hindi meaning hota hai – Keerti, Naam, Khyati, Prasiddhi

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