How Do I search in Google Drive

This has been one serious disappointment as far as searches go. As smart and expansive as Google is now, they really should find a more user friendly way to search for files on the desktop Google Drive application as well as online. That being said, what I have figured out I will share with you below. This is the best way to search Google Drive that I am aware of at the time of this writing. Please feel free to let me know if you have a faster method and I will share it.

How Do I search in Google Drive

If you are trying to find a file in Google Drive, the best way to find it is to search google Drive in your Chrome browser and DO NOT search Google Drive in your desktop application.

Once you are online, search for a word in the title or document, etc. Once you locate the specific item in your search click on it and that will open up a preview of the document or folder.

On the far right hand side there is an “I” with a circle around it if you hover above that you will see it is “details”, click once left click once on that and it will open up the location you can click the location and it will change from a search to actually opening up the specific folder that the item was in.

This is very helpful once Google Drive gets large and you can no longer remember where all the files are. Is a good idea to tag files with specific names, dates things like that that you may recall later when you can’t remember specifically where you left the file.

For some reason the search does not seem to work on the desktop in Windows. But once you locate the file then you could go right to that folder and/or sub-folders and find the file you were looking for since now you know exactly where it is located in Google Drive.