Google Digital Unlocked : Free Learning and Certification Platform of 2023

Google Digital Unlocked is Google’s online marketing learning and certification platform in which you can do online courses related to digital marketing related to online marketing, take certification, increase your digital marketing knowledge, give a new flight to your career. You can do digital courses for your business.

In Google Digital Unlocked you can learn Google Digital Skills in which you get online courses, get certification and get a chance of remote work from Google.

These digital courses are free, Google provides certification and the course is completely free of cost, online courses are available in three categories Digital Marketing ,Career Development and Data.

Two types of certification available free certification and paid certification.
Courses are divided into 4 types time duration:

  • Courses of less than 2 hours
  • Courses of 2 to 10 hours
  • Courses of 11 to 20 hours
  • Courses of more than 20 hours

Module of each course and how many hours that course is written in front of each course.

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification course provided by Google consists of 26 modules. This is a 40-hour Google Digital Marketing Certification course and it is free of cost online course.

In Google Digital Unlocked there are a total of 154 courses related to digital marketing, career development and data, which are divided into 4 types of categories courses of less than 2 hours, 2 to 10 hours, 11 to 20 hours and more than 20 hours and Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced according to difficulty level.

Certification by google digital unlocked that is called The Fundamentals of Digital marketing certification course, there are two types of certification Free Certificate paid certification.

In the list given below, category wise all the courses have been explained to you through a table.

Google Digital Unlocked Courses

  • Digital Marketing Courses (32 Courses)
  • Career Development Courses (62 Courses)
  • Data Courses (60 Courses)

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Digital Marketing Courses (32 Courses)

S.N.Name of Digital Marketing CourseNumber of ModulesCourse Duration(in Hours)
1.Connect with Customers Over Mobile21
2.Expand a Business to Other Countries11
3.Prepare For Your Business Plan11
4.Connect and Collaborate Anywhere with Digital Tools11
5.Write a Business Plan11
6.Learn How to Create and Optimize Google Display Ads Campaigns111
7.Understand Customers Needs and Online Behaviours31
8.Promote a Business with Online Advertising53
9.Make Sure Customers find you Online43
10.Get a Business Online73
11.Promote a Business with Content43
12.How to enhance and protect your online campaign127
13.Customer Segmentation and Prospecting410
14.Content, Advertising & Social IMC48
15.What is Social?49
16.Marketing Analytics510
17.Understanding the web24
18.Host a design thinking workshop215
19.Learn about Agile project management and SCRUM315
20.Use Digital Tools for Everyday Tasks77
21.Build Your Online Business88
22.Google Ads Search93
23.Google Ads Display62
24.Google Ads – Measurement83
25.Shopping Ads73
26.Google Ads Video53
27.Create a Presentation “All About a Topic”12
28.Create a Photo Journal in Google Docs12
29.Learn How to Create Google Search Campaigns152
30.Marketing in a Digital World430
31.Fundamentals of Digital Marketing2640
32.Create and Manage Google Ads Video Campaigns223

Career Development Courses (62 Courses)

S.N.Name of Career Development CourseNumber of ModulesCourse Duration(in Hours)
1.Build Confidence With Self-Promotion11
2.Land your next job11
3.How to increase productivity at work11
4.Intro to digital wellbeing11
5.Effective networking11
6.Business communication11
7.Communicate your ideas through storytelling and design11
8.Speaking in public11
9.Organisational design: Know your organisation627
10.Strategic Innovation: Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations615
11.The Science of Well-Being1019
12.Social Psychology740
13.Think Again III: How to Reason Inductively514
14.Conflict Transformation515
15.Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence824
16.Foundations of Everyday Leadership515
17.English for Career Development822
18.Preparing to Manage Human Resources419
19.Influencing People413
20.Model Thinking1232
21.Business Writing413
22.Organizational Design and Management432
23.Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments514
24.High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation414
25.Think Again II: How to Reason Deductively512
26.Basics of Inclusive Design for Online Education514
27.Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills714
28.Improving Communication Skills411
29.Design Thinking for Innovation510
30.Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector414
31.Initiating and Planning Projects67
32.Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity43
33.Giving Helpful Feedback67
34.Instructional Design Foundations and Applications624
35.Leading and Managing People-Centred Change39
36.Business Fundamentals: Project Management412
37.Getting Started with Agile & Design Thinking416
38.Management and Leadership: Leading a Team412
39.Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action416
40.Logical and Critical Thinking832
41.Using Creative Problem Solving412
42.Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance412
43.Learn how to learn46
44.Which digital job is made for you?22
45.Develop your career plan36
46.Build a sales strategy for your freelance business38
47.Improve your soft skills824
48.Use Google to Get a New Job76
49.Manage a Project with Digital Tools67
50.Communicate Effectively at Work68
51.Negotiate Your Salary18
52.Give and Receive Feedback11
53.Plan Effective Meetings11
54.Start a CV11
55.Edit Your CV11
56.Send Emails in the Workplace11
57.Grasshopper: Learn to Code611
58.Organize Files in Drive12
59.Annotate Text in Google Docs12
60.Research and Develop a Topic44
61.Manage Project Communication12
62.Track due dates and tasks in Gmail11

Data Courses (60 Courses)

S.N.Name of Career Development CourseNumber of ModulesCourse Duration(in Hours)
1.Understand the basics of code11
2.Understand the basics of machine learning11
3.Improve your online business security11
4.Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure911
5.Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals711
6.Machine Learning Crash Course315
7.Elements of AI630
8.Technical Support Fundamentals719
9.Fundamentals of Graphic Design414
10.Securing Digital Democracy517
11.Computational Thinking for Problem Solving434
12.Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)712
13.Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4431
14.Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals413
15.Research Proposal: Initiat ing Research 412
16.Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business513
17.Python Basics416
18.Exploring and Preparing your Data with BigQuery69
19.Enterprise System Management and Security512
20.Software Development Processes and Methodologies418
21.Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1538
22.Kotlin for Java Developers519
23.SQL for Data Science420
24.Fundamentals of Network Communication56
25.Database Management Essentials1129
26.What is Data Science?36
27.Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World735
28.Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning1470
29.Introduction to Python Programming525
30.Version Control with Git630
31.Object-Oriented JavaScript315
32.SQL for Data Analysis630
33.Intro to JavaScript735
34.Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter210
35.Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers630
36.Developing Android Apps with Kotlin1050
37.Android developer (Paid)10630
38.Web developer (Paid)7400
39.Salesforce developer (Paid)12750
40.Front-end developer (Paid)9750
41.Think like a computer: the logic of programming48
42.Build your first web pages with HTML and CSS410
43.Learn programming with JavaScript320
44.Learn Python basics for data analysis412
45.Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Paid)53-6 months
46.Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate (Paid)63-6 months
47.Create Quizzes in Google Forms12
48.Create a budget in Google sheets78
49.Google Cloud Computing Foundations1030
50.Getting Started: Create and Manage Cloud Resources65
51.Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud64
52.Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud76
53.Build a Website on Google Cloud86
54.Business Transformation with Google Cloud515
55.Google Cloud Product Fundamentals55
56.Machine Learning for Business Professionals412
57.Data Science Foundations61.5
58.Introduction to R111
59.Data Science with Python138
60.Java Training119

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