Google Accounts Recovery: Google Account Recovery : Best 2 Methods

Google Accounts Recovery : Try These Best 2 Methods

How to Recover Google Account Data & Email

There are many reasons why you might want to recover your Google account data and email.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten your password. Maybe you need to prove to a landlord that you are who you say you are. Maybe you’re just feeling like you want to change your identity and use another name.

Whatever the reason, Google offers a convenient way to recover all of your account data. It’s also free.

How to recover Google account data & email

First, head to the Google account settings page.

On this page, you’ll find all of the ways to connect your various devices to your Google account. Below, you can connect your phone, computer, or tablet to various services.

For example, if you connected your phone to Google Maps, you’d be able to view the name of the business you’re looking for, your current location, and have access to other great features of Google Maps.

Similarly — and this is crucial — if you connect any other devices to your Google account, they’ll also have access to your data.

So, the first step is to disconnect everything.

In order to do that, you’ll need to head to the Manage or remove connections page. Here, you can see all of your connected devices, and click the X next to any that you don’t want to connect to anymore.

Next, you’ll need to click the Edit button to the right of the screen. Here, you can add connections.

For example, if you want to connect your laptop to your Google account.

Here is Full Tutorial.

Google Accounts Recovery

In today’s time with so many web mail services, we have a lot of mailing accounts to keep track of, so it’s quite obvious to tend to forget it sometimes. If you’ve forgotten your Google account username or password, you don’t need to worry much as Google provides several ways to quickly recover your account but for this you must have had your phone number or alternate email address associated with your Google account. We’ll help you with ways for Google account recovery for both your username and password.

Google Recovery Account

Google Account Recovery for your username:

Steps Google Account Recovery for your username:
1.Open any web browser and go to
2.You’ll be taken to the Gmail sign in page.
3.Click on the blue “Need help?” link below the “Sign in” button on the web page.
4.This will open Google account recovery page with three options among which check the “I don’t know my username” option.
5.Click the blue “Continue” button.
6.On the next page that opens, you can choose your recovery method, i.e. either through your recovery email address or through your recovery phone number but you should have access to both of these currently.
7.Select whichever option you prefer.
8.If you select “Enter your recovery email address”, you’ll need to enter it in the given field. (Note: Recovery email address is the email address you’ve added to your Google account while signing up for it.)


If you’ve selected “Enter your recovery phone number” you’ll need to enter your recovery phone number in the provided space. In this case, you’ll receive a verification code which is a six number code as a text message (SMS) or an automated phone call, whichever you choose, on your recovery phone number.

9.Then, enter the name on your Google account as First and Last name.
10.To verify you’re not a robot, click on the box next to it which will open a set of visual illustrations you need to answer.
11.Finally, click the blue “Submit” button at the end of the page.

If you’ve selected to recover your account via an alternate email address, you’ll receive your username in an email from Google on that alternate email address.

Account Recovery Google

However, if you want Google account recovery via your alternate phone number, you’ll need to enter that verification code you’ve received on your mobile phone in the provided space and you’ll get to know your Google account username.

Google Account Recovery for your password:

The process to recover your Google account password is exactly similar to the process of Google account recovery for your username.

Steps Google Account Recovery for your password:
1.Open the Gmail sign in page following the steps mentioned above.
2.Click on the “Need help?” link.
3.Click on the “I don’t know my password” option.
4.Now follow same steps from step 5 as mentioned above to recover your Google account password.