Gogge Best Described in 3 words Gogge

“Gogge” is a colloquial Swedish word, meaning “searcher” or “search engine.” You don’t see this word often in Sweden, but there is a good reason for it to be known all over the world – Google!

gogge: Noun. A fictional character, gogge is a two-headed monster with a penchant for working hard. His name is also a verb, to work hard. The word comes from the Swedish concept of ‘lagom’, which means ‘Just the right amount’. The idea is to find a balance between working hard and work ing smart. So, if you’re lagom, you are working smartly enough to make it big.

Google is known to many of us as the best search engine across the world. But how about the one that was started for fun by two students at Stanford University in 1995? The one that became the most visited website in the world. The one with it’s own language. The one that’s so powerful that it’s been compared to the Borg of Star Trek and to Darth Vader!

Google is now Alphabet, which is a parent company of Google. This means that Google is just a subsidiary of a much bigger company. Alphabet is still run by the same people, who’ve just decided to manage Google and other entities under one umbrella. This change in structure was announced in August of 2015. As Google grew and began doing more than just search, its name became a bit of a misnomer. Alphabet helps separate Google the search engine from Google the conglomerate.

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