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How to Create a Gmail Account for Free?

Gmail or Google mail is a web based email account, in which emails are stored on internet rather than your PC. It can be a wide and flexible option as you can access emails from any computer that has internet access. How to create gmail account in mobile phone/laptop for business here is step by step procedure so you can easily create gmail account on mobile.

Gmail is the best email service in the world. You can create an account and use it with your current email address. If you decide to open an account with your own email address, you can choose from thousands of free email name available. You would also have the option of using a nickname that is the first three letters in your real name. The good thing about a Gmail account is that you can access it through most internet browsers, operating systems and even smartphones. Other companies require you to download specific software to access your account. This is not the case with Gmail.

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You’ll need a Gmail ID to be able to login to Gmail. In this article, we will describe the procedure to create a Gmail account.

Steps to Create a Gmail Account:

1. In order to create a Gmail account, a computer with an internet access is a must. So, make sure if your computer has an internet access.
2. Open any web browser available on your computer and go to or open Google home page or
3. Click on Gmail at the top right corner of the page.
4. Now you will be in the “Sign in” section. As you don’t have any Gmail account click on “Create an account”.
5. Now in the process to create a gmail account, you will see a new page where Google asks for some information about you. At first, you have to enter your First and Last Name. Then choose your username which needs to be unique and that will be placed before””.

Google may have to check the username to make sure that on one already has it. Type a username on the respective box and fill out the rest of your information. Make sure that you have checked on the box saying that you agree the Google terms of service and privacy policy and click to the “Next” button.
6. If the username you requested is already being used by someone else, then you will get respective message offering you some alternatives. Now, you can either accept one of the alternatives or type another username and check its availability again. And again fill up the other boxes. You have to do this a few times until you finalize your valid email address.
7. You will need to enter a password with at least 8 characters long so that you can log on to your account securely. It’s better to use password combining the numbers and letters so that is difficult to guess.

You need to re-enter your password to confirm it. It will also ask you to enter some random words on the bottom, to ensure that you are not a robot. Once you have completed this page fully, click “Next” button.
8. You will be now in “Create profile” page. If you want to have a picture in web, click on “Add profile photo” and find a photo to add. And then click “Next” button. And if you don’t want to have a pho to then directly click the “Next” button to complete process to create a Gmail account.
9. You will now have set up your account. And you can use this account anytime to sign in to your new Gmail account.
how to create gmail account in mobile phone/laptop for business step by step procedure

Hence, You Can Create Gmail Address in few minutes by just following above steps. Feel free to ask anything related to this article in comment box, we will try to respond immediately. Thank you so much for reading this. It’s so nice to see you again. Good day!!

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FAQ’s Related to Create a Gmail Account

Q. I want to create gmail account?

If you want to use gmail but don’t want your parents to know about it then you should create a new email id, having a gmail account itself. Open Google and Click on the top right hand corner and type: Inbox by Gmail, and signup using an email id you created previously. After signing up you will get an email from inbox by Gmail, click on the link in the email to verify your account. You can now use your gmail in computer or android phone.

For Google Gmail, you just have to enter the details available on the Gmail website. You can use the ‘forgot password’ option if you forget password of your Gmail account. You can also reset your password using the Google Account Recovery Process.

Q. How to Create Gmail Account in Computer ?

Simply go to and click sign up. You will now be presented with an option to sign up with an existing email id or to create a new one. Click on create a new one. Now fill in your details and click on create account. Once your account is created, you will get your verification code in your mail or on the mobile number which is provided while subscribing. Once you enter the code, you are done. You can now login to your account.