Bluestack Thininstaller Android Best Emulator for PC and Mac

Bluestacks Thininstaller

BlueStacks is an app player available on Windows or Mac operating system which lets your download and run mobile apps with speed and also full screen.

Are you looking for free bluestacks software to download apps for free? then you are in the right place. I will share my experience with bluestacks app player. lets get started .

1. Download and install BlueStacks App Player:

2. Login to BlueStacks

3. Search for “Thininstaller” in the search bar and Click “app”

4. Click “+” button to add the application to your home screen.

5. You’re done.  Check out our app on your home screen!

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Step by step Guide to install bluestacks thininstaller for windows 7 & bluestacks thininstaller for windows 10 on your PC.

Steps to download BlueStacks: (bluestacks-thininstaller)

Steps Steps to download BlueStacks
1.Open an internet browser in your PC or Mac.
2.In the address bar go to “” and press “Enter”. Or google search engine search for “BlueStacks” and click on the first search result. This will take you to the main page of the Android app player.
3.Below the text “Play apps wherever” on the right side of the page, left click on the “download” button. Or left click on the “Ready to play?” button at the bottom of the page.
4.This will prompt you to the download page. Normally the download should start automatically within few seconds. And sometimes problem may arise so, if the download does not start click on “restart the download” button to continue the download.
5.This will download a setup file for bluestack on your PC or Mac.

Steps to install BlueStacks in your PC:

Steps Steps to install BlueStacks in your PC
1.Once the download is complete a setup file is saved in your computer.
2.Go to the location where your BlueStacks setup file is saved.
3.Extract the uestacks setup file using winrar application. (Right click on the bluestacks setup file and click on “Extract to BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native” or other extract options according to your desire.
4.Open the extracted bluestacks folder and open the “BlueStacks-ThinInstaller” file. If double clicking does not work, right click on the setup file and click on “Run as administrator” option.
(Note: You need to change the compatibility to “Run this program in compatibility mode for windows8 if you are using windows 8.1)
5.An installation wizard will appear for installing BlueStacks. Click on “Continue” button on the bottom right corner or the wizard.
6.On the next page, select or deselect the options as per your desire and click on “Install” button (Note: BlueStacks when all the options are selected).
7.Now wait for the BlueStacks to be installed in your PC.
8.After that wait for BlueStacks to download runtime data from internet and to verify dependencies for installation to complete.
9.After installation, the Android app player will automatically run in your PC. Then wait for Android to be updated online.
10.A “One time setup” dialogue will appear. Here click on “Continue” button.
11.On the next page, click on “Existing” button if your already have a google account and enter your google email address and respective password to sign in.
12.If you do not have a google account click on “New” button, fill in your personal information and follow the procedure to create a new google account.
13.Now you can search, install and enjoy any app on your BlueStacks and enjoy its services anytime with safety and ease.
(Note: After the installation is complete, a BlueStacks shortcut will be created in your desktop. You can access BlueStacks from that shortcut anytime you want in future.)

Hence you can easily download bluestacks thininstaller for windows 7, windows 10, etc.