How to Become a Dell Reseller?

Become a Dell Reseller: How to Become a Dell Reseller

Become a Dell Reseller: The Dell reseller program is any business that buys Dell computers and sells it to the general public. It is actually an easy way to get rich by doing relatively little work. All you have to do is buy computer kits, assemble the computers, and sell them to the public. The profit margin will be around 20-30% of the sales price. Considering how little work is involved in running a Dell reseller business, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a lucrative career.

Become a Dell Reseller Secrets
Become a Dell Reseller Secrets

Yes, it’s possible. You can join Dell Partner Direct program and become a Dell reseller. But, you should have extensive reseller experience and be a business owner. If you are an IT consulting firm, you will be very close to fulfilling the requirements. Also, you must have $250k in liquid assets to become a Dell partner. For further information, please check Dell ’s Reseller website.

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You know why Dell recently said it has no interest in being a channel partner? Because of resellers like you! Resellers who bought cheap pre-owned machines, installed Dell’s Voom! software and sold them as new to business customers. Resellers who bought their Voom! software from the dark web. Resellers who unboxed 100 computers, slapped on Voom! and then returned them to Dell within the 90-day return period.

Resellers who reproduced the Voom! key generator and then made copies, which they sold to people looking to buy genuine Dell software. Resellers who bought boxes of old computers and slapped on Voom! Then sold them as new computers. Resellers who ordered software over and over again, collecting the serial numbers and then selling them to people looking to buy genuine Dell software. Resellers who suggested that it wasn’t Dell’s responsibility to protect its intellectual property. Resellers who encouraged Dell to cancel its reseller program because the constant returns and warranty claims were too expensive to deal with.


Dell is a big brand, and so, one can become a Dell Reseller by applying to Dell. The company lets you be a reseller only after checking your financial status, equipment, and other facilities. If you have all the required things, you may apply to Dell to become a Reseller.

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