Android 13: Google customizes Pixel Launcher for Pixel Notepad

  • Google has been working on a foldable for some time.
  • The group confirms the rumors itself.
  • This time with innovations for the Pixel Launcher.

Android 13 brings a few interesting innovations in its particularly early stage . Although most of them are still primarily of interest to developers, a few news items also stick with us. It has been found out from colleagues that Google is currently adapting the Pixel Launcher for foldable smartphones . This is more exciting than it first appears for one reason.

The only true smart Google product: Google Now in the Pixel Launcher – this is what it would have looked like

With the Google Assistant , Google has been trying for many years to provide users with a practical assistant that can not only take on tasks, but also remind them of them. However, the last really smart Google product was a different one and could have celebrated a comeback a good year ago: Google Now.

Because the Pixel Launcher is only offered for Pixel devices. However, Google has not yet offered its own foldable. Which is therefore just another sign that the Google Pixel Notepad really exists behind the scenes and that Google is preparing to launch it. But the details are still unclear. It was recently said in the rumor mill that the Pixel Notepad is really coming this year – but first in the USA.

Pixel Launcher gets support for multiple layouts for dual display devices.

Android 13 Google customizes Pixel Launcher for Pixel Notepad